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Grecia Mini Session
Grecia Mini Session

i’m grecia león! the designer, illustrator, hand letterer behind the native lion. i’ve been a creative person for as long as i can remember. when i was younger i loved constructing things and getting my hands dirty. i also was a dancer and spent many years in performing arts. that’s where i also fell in love with musical theater (if only i could sing).

in my mid 20’s I still had no idea what i wanted to do with my life (does anybody? haha). luckily i was introduced to visual merchandising while working at a retail store and that’s where my design journey sparked.

visual merchandising was so creative, fun, and most importantly i genuinely enjoyed doing it. i decided to look into schools that had a visual merchandising program. i attended fidm in my home state of california majoring in visual communications. fidm opened my eyes to so many different creative fields and the opportunities were endless.

fast forward to now, i decided to start my own creative business, the native lion. creating for others has become my passion. whether it’s a wedding invitation, wedding signage, or family watercolor portrait, i’m so thrilled that i can create unique and special design pieces for you. 

when i’m not creating you can find me hanging with my husband zack two cats, jasper and zoe, and dog josie.

these are a few of my favorite things:

  • traveling
  • singing and dancing
  • concerts, especially cover bands (bonus if they're 80’s)
  • all things christmas (i'm a sucker for hallmark christmas movies)
  • listening to music
  • eating all the foods
  • coffee
  • disney
  • musicals
  • my friends and family